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Random things that have to do with Samantha in some way...

April 14, 1982

AGEIncase math is against your religion or something.

Aries, ram, fire, Mars, Year of the Dog


WEIGHTI know EVERYONE wants to know when I gain 2 pounds and when I lose them.
118 pounds

Blue. I wear contacts, bleh. They're better than glasses though, and NO, they are NOT colored contacts.

Medium brown, with natural blond highlights in the summer. I'm growing out my bangs right now, and I need a hair cut!

Agnostic/nihilist. For those of you who don't get it, that means I don't believe in god, because no one has proved that there is one/are any. No, I'm not an atheist; no one has proved that god does not exist either. My mommy says I'm Jewish because that's what she is, but I say any religion with a book of rules can @#?!$% #$@. But the hell with all of it, nothing really exists!

Democrat, when I feel like opening my eyes and looking at what's going on in the world. I think Bill Clinton is as good a president as any that we've had yet, and I have also come to the conclusion that he has bad taste in women to screw around with. *EWW*