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Pictures of Samantha and Some Other People!


We all know how cold they keep the schools when it gets warm outside, so I brought my own blanket for exams! My best friend Mike shared it before we took our World Studies exam.

Look everyone, I survived my first snowboarding experience! The girl with the really white teeth is my other other best friend Jennifer.

This is me, the summer of '96, tanning on my deck.

Here I am, in my Hylton freshman cheerleadering uniform. This picture is from summer '96 also.

LOOK, it's Phil!!! Check out that awesome iguana, that's the real, live Phil! This picture is from last summer, at Xcaret in Mexico.

This is another picture from my trip to Mexico last summer. The flower in my hands was made for me by the bartender in the restaurant I had breakfast in that morning. I'm at our hotel in Cancun.