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This is my baby, Sugar, a mini lop bunny. She is about 3 months old and 2 pounds. I brought her home on December 31, 1998. These pictures were all taken on January 8, 1999. Enjoy!

Here's Sugar looking sexy with her ear over her eye.

Sugar's favorite thing to do is poop. Here she is peeking out of her litter box. What a good bunny!

Sugar sleeps in a 9x4 Pyrex dish. It was supposed to be her litter box originally, but she likes to play and sleep in it.

I was shocked to see that Sugar could get into the bathtub, and so was she. She didn't know how to get out.

The first time Sugar got to play on my bed, she made a big puddle because she was so excited. Now she can climb up on her own, and here she is making a funny face at the camera.

Doesn't she look like a stuffed toy?

That's me, holding my baby bunny. :D